WebBrowserComponent leaks

I am getting leaks from a WebBrowserComponent that I have instantiated as a child of an existing Component.

Is anyone experiencing the same problem? I am sure that the WebBrowserComponent gets deleted, but the leaks still remains…

They are located in JuceIOleClientSite and ActiveXControlData classes.

The browser should be releasing those - activeX is all a bit of a ref counting nightmare, TBH. I’ll take a look when I get a moment.

I noticed it does leak only on certain conditions: I tried to create another dummy WebBrowserComponent and deleted it immediately after, and that did not cause any additional leaks, so I wonder if it’s only the first instance causing it, or maybe the fact that the dummy one I created was neither added to another component nor set visible to the user…

Has this been fixed in the tip yet? I’m seeing the same thing in 1.50. FWIW, one of the three leaked objects appears to be the IOleClientSite implementation.

Sorry, haven’t had time to debug it yet. Will try to do it soon.

In last version (1.54.9) the problem persits:

[5768] Detected memory leaks!
[5768] Dumping objects ->
[5768] {30764}
[5768] normal block at 0x00AB28D8, 12 bytes long.
[5768] Data: < ? > C4 FC 3F 01 01 00 00 00 DE 0F 08 02
[5768] {30763}
[5768] normal block at 0x02A48440, 16 bytes long.
[5768] Data: <l ? ( > 6C FC 3F 01 01 00 00 00 DE 0F 08 02 D8 28 AB 00
[5768] {30762}
[5768] normal block at 0x00AB2638, 12 bytes long.
[5768] Data: <4 ? @ > 34 FC 3F 01 01 00 00 00 40 84 A4 02
[5768] Object dump complete.

This happens when I create a DialogWindow with a WebBrowserComponent inside and only show the dialog…

Edit: Checked only in Windows, VS2008, W7 x64.

See my comment in juce_win32_ActiveXComponent.cpp, line 100.

Ah, ok. No problem.