WebView2 is not working at some DAWs

I created a new project with Plug-In Basic and set JUCE_USE_WIN_WEBVIEW2 as enabled.
I added just a few codes:

std::unique_ptrjuce::WindowsWebView2WebBrowserComponent webView;

webView.reset(new juce::WindowsWebView2WebBrowserComponent(false));

Standalone, Ableton Live 10, FL Studio 20 was shown Edge browser.
Studio One 5, Cubase 11 was shown Internet Explorer 11.

I tested all DAWs with same vst3 file, but different browser showed.

Please help to use Edge browser with Studio One, Cubase, …

The solution was to set webview2loader.dll and user data folder.

How did you do this?

I can’t seem to find a webviewer2loader.dll… either

There is a way to find the .dll on Windows, using the built in NuGet Package Manager that comes with Visual Studio 2022.

Open Visual Studio 2022->NuGet Package Manager. Search for and install the WebView2 package.
A new directory will be generated at the root of the visual studio project, and the .dll file will be found within.

Copy this to the same folder that your plugin’s .exe or .vst3 file is generated. Make sure you have WebView2RuntimeLoader installed.

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Thanks I was able to find it using the method you described and forgot to update the forum.

I was definitely over complicating it…

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