Weird time signature values in FL Studio

FL Studio gives weird time signature values to our plugin. For example, when we set 3/4 in FL Studio the plugin receives a time signature of 12/4. Here are more examples:

1/4 => 4/4
2/4 => 8/4
3/4 => 12/4
4/4	=> 16/4
5/4 => 20/4

1/8 => 2/2
2/8 => 4/2
3/8 => 6/2
4/8 => 8/2

(The left column is what I set in FL Studio, right column is what I read in the plugin)

Recent versions of FL Studio have 2 different ways of setting the time signature “Set as time signature” and “Set as time division”. The example above is for the first option, and the latter option also produces nonsensical values.

Does anyone know what is going on here?

EDIT: the problem only happens with the AudioUnit version of the plugin. The VST3 version is working as expected.