What about a virtuallist for tablelistbox

suppose I have big data list on tablelistbox.
and I only want to refresh the data visible on screen every 1 or 2 seconds . is there a function support this? is tablelistbox has a virtuallist feature?

As far as I’ve understood, TableListBox and TableListBoxModel work “virtually” by default. The model is asked to draw the data as it becomes visible in the component.

If you want the visible data to regularly update, you could maybe call the updateContent method of the TableListBox from a timer callback. (That can be wasteful, though, if the data actually didn’t change. So you might want to look into some kind of broadcaster/listener solution instead.)

there are thousands of row data to update in a thread.
and loaddata() and refresh again would slow down the UI.

if I use listener,then also thousands of data update …
so I want to get a visible part of the tablelistbox,and just update
100-200rows every second.

I dont use any valuetree,and find out that ,tablelistbox even dont’ need any data to display…
and using a timer is very fast and no flicker ,great job of jules.

data shouldb be changed but need a repaint() function call