What is the bast way to work on most recent JUCE and Introjucer versions?

I'm juce rookie, so my question is how do you update JUCE/Introjucer when Jules made another bug fix, which tend to occurs quite frequently? smiley

You should just pull the latest tip from GitHub and build it yourself. There is an GitHub app for Windows that makes it very easy if you're not familiar with GIT itself. I'm not sure if the same app is on other platforms however, it probably is.

It all starts with git pull really.

Build IntroJucer, launch project with it, work on Xcode in your project, add files,  change export settings, and do version changes with Introjucer,  back to Xcode, repeat as necessary.

This SourceTree thing looks very useful, thanks for the link!

Do I need to pull (not clone? pull - it means only the changes?) the entire JUCE repo, or only the Introjucer?

As I understand, the Introjucer is supposed to update JUCE modules on my machine from git, so I actualy don't need to bother about that?

Currently I have done the following:

Simply downloaded JUCE-master.zip from git (as I don't have that much experience with git)

Build Introjucer

Made a project with it

Exported into VS2012

Added my project into TFS online service 

First time clone, then just pull.

Pulling and resaving with Introjucer your project will copy to it latest changes without need of a module version update.


That's how a day of JUCE developer should begin! smiley