What is the best way to inject mouse event to application?

I have recorded all of user’s action when mouse up event incurring.
do you know some extra way to inject the recorded event to application ?

I am looking Desktop::setMousePosition(…), but it can move only position and it dosen’t generate click event.

There’s nothing in juce to do that - you’d need to use OS calls to somehow send fake mouse events to the system queue. Not easy!

Or you could do it by calling the ComponentPeer mouse handling methods, I guess. You’d need to work out which ComponentPeer is under the mouse and call handleMouseDown, etc directly.

for the test, I wrote some code like bellowing.
but, it didn’t work… can you figure out the reason ?

/* this function call is working /
this function call is not working /
this function call is not working */

I used 500 mili second for just testing.

Maybe because the componentpeers expect relative co-ords? And you’d need to send your own mouse-move events, too - the setMousePosition updates the mouse pos without actually sending any move messages.

I have modified the codes.
peer->handleMouseMove (sx, sy, 500);
It still doesn’t work.
all function calls in upper codes are not working at all.

is there any threshold time to handle mouse event inside juce core ?

maybe because you’re not sending enter/exit events?..

I took the other way and it could be easier then bellowing.
I have added new api inside Desktop Class.

enum MouseEventFlag
    MouseMoveEvent = 0,
    MouseDownEvent = 1,
    MouseUpEvent = 2,
    MouseWheel = 3
static void setMousePosition (int x, int y);
static void injectInputKey (unsigned short key, unsigned short keyExtention);
static void injectInputMouse (int x, int y, int event=Desktop::MouseMoveEvent, int wheelValue=0);

It works fine with little treaky way to execute multiple command to window system to reproduce recorded same sequence.

Window XP is OK, my window system is OK, but I am not sure XWindows and OSX. It might have similar function or way.

I used SendInput(…) command and a Thread to manipulate command sets without message holding in WindowsXP during feeding.

That’s good to hear. By the way, “bellowing” is probably not quite the word you were looking for!

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