What is the difference between designIIRLowpassHighOrderButterworthMethod() and makeLowPass()?

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  1. According to this definition ( designIIRLowpassHighOrderButterworthMethod ) is used in cascaded IIRFilters.

What exactly are cascaded IIRFilters?

  1. I understand the definition of “Order” (the last parameter) of designIIRLowpassHighOrderButterworthMethod. However, how does this translate to actual code?

    using filter = dsp::ProcessorDuplicator<dsp::IIR::Filter, dsp::IIR::Coefficients>;
    using CutFilter = juce::dsp::ProcessorChain<filter, filter, filter, filter>;

Is this an example of a 4th order filter? (Pardon if I don’t have the terminology right.

  1. MakeLowPass deals with “Quality”. What is the difference between “Quality” and “Order”?

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