Where do you keep shared read-only and user content?

Hi JUCErs,

I would like to determine the best locations to keep 2 types of content on Mac & Windows:

  • large-size (samples) and small-size (factory presets), but read-only content to be shared between plugins and app;
  • user-generated content (settings file(s), user presets) to be shared between plugins and app.

I am trying to get my plugins sandbox-safe/ready on Mac and while I am at that I decided to poll your opinion on the subject, in general, for the 2 most important platforms on Desktop, to hopefully get this right in one sweep.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer.

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Here is my current plan:

  • Both: storing all (read-only & user-generated) shared data in:


  • OS X: I will add a File Access Temporary Exception for the shared dir (haven’t tried it yet, but I think I can add this only to the AU target)
  • Windows: For once there are no specific changes on that platform. :slight_smile: Let’s see if there will be permission issues to hit.

Update: the OSX strategy is not an option… can’t seem to add entitlements on a plugin. I will likely have to hack it and derive the path. Will update once I settle on a solution.