Where is my text output going?

I think a part of my brain has died or something…

I have a release build that crashes. it runs fine inside visual studio though. headfuck. happens to me all the time!

so I’ve got Logger::outputDebugStrings scattered about and I’d like to see them to get an idea where I’m crashing. they appear fine in my “output” window inside VS but it does not crash in there.

how the hell do I see these strings when running standalone exe?

ran app from command window: command just returns immediatly before the gui appears.

ran “app.exe > out.txt”: out.txt appears with zero size!

ran “app.exe 2> out.txt”: nothing again!

where in hell are my debug strings going and how can I see them!?

this stuff used to work. I’m sure I’m just being mega-thick over something!

I could create a log file but I still want to know where my strings are!

Have you tried Using a file logger instead, afaict you should be able to just swap the class and leave the write commands as they are.

yeah did that. works. but I still want to know how to see straight outputDebugStrings or indeed “cout << “blah”” !!


PS the fuckers crashing inside my bosses code. yay!

I’m not sure if this is of any help, but…
Have a look at DebugView from http://www.sysinternals.com
(Run it alongside you normal apps - needs a little configuring)
It’s free - You (or your boss) may have left some debugs in, and it might stop things crashing, temporarily