Why does `DraggingHandCursor` not use `IDC_HAND` on Windows?

Why does MouseCursor::DraggingHandCursor not use IDC_HAND on Windows? The hand it does use is tiny.

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We’ve had this problem too. It’s an issue on high DPI displays, and stems from the fact that the hand cursor appears to be a hard coded path on Windows (see MouseCursor::createStandardMouseCursor() in juce_win32_Windowing.cpp).

I suspect IDC_HAND isn’t used because it’s a closed fist with a pointing index finger, as opposed to an open hand on Mac, so it’s not quite the same.

The issue remains regardless - DraggingHandCursor and CopyingCursor, which are both hard coded custom cursors, are tiny on Windows high DPI displays. I’d like to see it fixed.

I’ve now modified the mouse cursor handling on Windows so that custom cursors are scaled to the same size as builtin cursors:


That’s great news! Thanks so much @reuk.