Why Label could not show full text

Hi all,
I set the size of my_label like this:
// Identify 'font' here
m_lbName.setText(name, NotificationType::dontSendNotification);
m_width = font.getStringWidth(name) + m_lbName.getBorderSize().getLeftAndRight();
m_lbName.setBounds(0, 0, m_width, 25);
The m_lbName showing with missing some final characters.
Ex: name = "test" => show image:
It missed some characters.
Does anyone know why? Thank you all.

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if you look inside the Label class, how it draws the text, you’ll see that it calls

        auto textArea = getLabelBorderSize (label).subtractedFrom (label.getLocalBounds());

        g.drawFittedText (label.getText(), textArea, label.getJustificationType(),
                          jmax (1, (int) (textArea.getHeight() / font.getHeight())),

The implementation of Graphics::drawFittedText() is squishing it.
You can dig deeper into that if you really want to find out where the squishing is actually happening.