Widgets with custom look and feel


I want to create widgets with custom look, for example with Juce slider control I want to replace Knob with certain image, is this possible? Similarly is this also possible for other controls i.e. buttons, can i also show a image for a button.

To illustrate it further i have attached some screen shots which depict the kind of slider i am looking for, please have a look.

I am not sure if this question already asked and got answers, if so please share link (if some one got example code please do share, that would be really appreciated).

Best Regards,
Saqlain Abbas.


Thanks for reply.

I have looked at look and feel and slider class, but a question here, if i change slider class look and feel, all slider will be of same look and feel which i create later on, so it means if i got 10 slider in my GUI i will have to create 10 new slider classes which re-implement look and feel as appropriate, right? or there is some other way around it?


You can attach a look+feel to all components, or just to specific ones. It’s pretty flexible.