Windows buffer size won't go below 132

A client has reported an issue with our Windows build, where he can’t select a buffer size lower than 132. I also see this testing on Parallels. It is possible to select “Primary Sound Driver” and go down to 64 samples but it sounds horrible. He has tested on a Windows box with 3 different interfaces and up-to-date drivers.

We’ve not seen this on Mac or iOS. Any tips on this? It seems that on Windows often there is an external control for audio interfaces. Its been a while since I used Windows for music production so my memory is a little rusty…!

Not quite sure I understand what you’re asking…? 132 samples is pretty low. It’s totally normal to expect to see machines that can’t run glitch-free with sizes less than 256, or even higher in some cases.

I guess I’m just checking to see if there is anything that can be done to get lower buffer sizes with an audio interface on Windows, assuming the interface and its driver support that. My assumption is that JUCE will just report the available buffer sizes.

132 samples is probably the lowest what WASAPI or the JUCE wrapper code over that allows. I am getting that same minimum buffer size here with WASAPI with a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 on Windows 7. However, if I switch to the ASIO driver, it offers buffer sizes down to 16 samples, but I don’t suppose that would actually work. :dizzy_face:

OK, so I need to support the ASIO driver? Or is that already supported with JUCE? My client also has a Focusrite interface.

Just found this thread: ASIO audio
Looks like the info I need…