Windows FileChooser triggers new assert in Component::grabKeyboardFocus()

In commit an assertion was added to Component::grabKeyboardFocus().

This assertion is triggered by the windows FileChooser when the native dialog with a juce component as the FilePreviewComponent is used. In juce_win32_FileChooser.cpp this code triggers the problem (starting on line 214):

   if (extraInfoComponent != nullptr)
        flags |= OFN_ENABLEHOOK;

        info.customComponent = new CustomComponentHolder (extraInfoComponent);

This probably means the keyboard focus is not working for the previewComponent and the windows implementation most likely needs a fix.

Bump-edi-bump. This is JUCE code breaking a JUCE assert, please fix by improving the code or relaxing the assert.

Ah yes, sorry, meant to sort this out. Will do right away!