Windows.. HWND.. recieving messages

I imagine this is a stupid thing to ask, but i guess i’ll go for it.

I need to specify a HWND for opening a context for a device, which will recieve certain messages. How does one go about getting the window’s HWND (if that’s what’s needed)… and then moreover how does one get at messages? I feel like i may need to hack apart the Juce application base, but no that would be silly. I’ve never used HWNDs before, so i guess i just don’t get it.

Can i just make one myself and put it anywhere? Any clues?

[EDIT] sorry, i posted this very late last night and totally got the wrong forum! obviously this should be in the windows forum :oops:

i think i’ve got it, after looking thru the juce_win32_Messaging.cpp file… it’s starting to make-a de sense-a

It’s easy to get a window’s HWND, but to actually catch its messages you would need to create your own (hidden) window with your own callback.

yeah i’ve figured it would be tricky to get that. however, the messaging implementation file has taught me a lot, so thanks jules! :smiley: