Windows Installer


On Mac I’ve used Packages… Looking into a Windows installer for our plugIn - anyone here used Installer Maker which is cross-platform?




I recommend Inno Setup, works great and tons of code snippets and 3rd party tools around…


+1 for Inno Setup, but NSIS is also nice and maybe simpler = easier to get going. It would be nice to do real .msi windows installers. I once tried using WiX, but gave up once I saw how much work would be involved.

I wouldn’t recommend using a cross-platform installer on OSX. Packages is nice, does the job and uses the system installer.


Thanks guys!! I’ll give Inno a shot




+1 for Inno Setup, quite easy to get going once you know how.


I realized I actually moved from NSIS to Inno because it seems easier to program and I needed configurable install locations (using something that reminds of pascal). So +2 for Inno.
Looking into this again now thanks to this post I found the free makemsi (which seems easier to grasp than WiX) and various wrappers that claim to just wrap an .exe installer in a msi. Has anyone experience using makemsi or any msi wrapper?


I’m using NSIS. Setting it up to install all the different plugin files to different locations (where the user can customize the paths in the installer) wasn’t that hard. My installer even creates a text file next to the uninstaller with all the plugin locations listed - for users struggling to find the installed files.

That said there is one annoying issue with NSIS & McAfee: Many installation packages created with NSIS get classified as ‘BehavesLike.Win32.Suspicious.wc’ by McAfee. So the odds are high that you have to send the installer to McAfee to get it white-listed on each release you publish. This seems to be an issue for years and McAfee still hasn’t changed its detection mechanism.

That’s why I recommend to use WiX or InnoSetup over NSIS if you start from scratch.

Btw: by Google provides an easy way to check your installer with more than 50 different virus scanners.


Inno is working well – but I’m having issues with copying the AAX and keeping the attributes…

When it copies the AAX folder it doesn’t get the attributes right on the installed folder/files… so the folder loses it’s plugin icon

Anyone got that to work?

I’ve got the ico and ini set to RHS – and tried to set the folder to +R




This one tripped me up for a long time too. For me the key was using the Inno Setup Dirs section to set the plug-in as read-only:

Name: {cf32}\Avid\Audio\Plug-Ins\{#PlugBaseName}.aaxplugin; Attribs: readonly
Name: {cf64}\Avid\Audio\Plug-Ins\{#PlugBaseName}.aaxplugin; Attribs: readonly


Thanks Frank!