WindowsRT support

Does anyone know if Juce works on WindowsRT at the moment?

And if not, if there is a plan (and time-frame) to support it?
Is this “only” a matter of replacing the standard Windows API calls with RT-specific API calls where needed?


No, it’s not supported. I’m not actually sure how much work would be needed to make it work, but it’s unlikely to be trivial. Certainly right now I can’t see me having time to attempt a port in the near future.

OK, thank for the clarification.

Am I right (given the factc that Tracktion4 claims “Win 7 & 8 Support”) in assuming that Juce does work fine on Windows8, so also on Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablets (which are running Win8)?

Yes, of course it’s fine on normal win8 (which is just win32), but not winRT.

The sad thing is that as long as the WinRT plattform is not supported it will not be possible to sell JUCE Apps in the Windows App Store. It will also not be possible to create JUCE Windows Phone 8 apps.

I still hope Jules finds enough time to squeeze in support for WinRT rather sooner than later.

And it will not go away anytime soon. Microsoft has unified their APIs for Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows Phone with WinRT. Its a requirement for their app store. They can’t even think about dropping it again for years to come.

+1 for WinRT support

even if only for the core Juce audio engine itself with no GUI support

in other words:  if just  the juce_core, juce_events juce_audio_basics, juce_audio_formats and juce_audiodevices modules could be ported that would already be a tremendous first step!   

Imho there is a bright future into refactoring Juce into a headless x-platform audio engine and a separate GUI engine. This will make Juce audio more attractive to a large group of developers that need to build native GUIs or that work with specialized GUI toolkits for gaming.   To my knowledge there is nothing on the market that matches Juce's x-platform audio capabilities - so you could easily market it as the best audio engine in town for mobile!   






WinRT support means no normal WIN32 API calls are possible. This means no VST  plugins etc., no VST host, no external Juce extension librarys ...

Each WinRT application is a restricted sandbox and has only local storage or cloud storage.

So current Juce make here no sense and porting is impossible.



The features you mentioned don't make sense on the WinRT plattform, right. All this is true on iOS as well. But JUCE supports iOS anyway. JUCE is much more than VSTs.

At this point I would be very happy if just the juce_core module would compile on WinRT.

While one could argue that win32 can be used just as well on the desktop this is not true for mobile devices and WinRT is becoming an important mobile plattform. In Europe market share for windows phone devices has climbed above 10% in Q4/13 (

Yes, winRT is definitely on my "important things to do" list!

I'm looking at using JUCE and definately targeting RT first for my product.

It looks like JUCE is working fine on my Win 8.1 with VS 2013 so if I compile for RT would that help to know whats left to fix?

Perhaps we could trade some info effort on this,  I need to get my guitar input working 1st on Win 8 through a supported A/D to juce device, then prototype To move onto RT.

If you can help me with that prototype I can help with RT.