Wobbly component rotation (JUCE 5.3, macOS)


I’ve recently updated a project to a latest version of JUCE. I discovered that one of the GUI components became really wobbly. It’s an ImageComponent that’s being rotated by AffineTransform::rotation. It was an issue before, but it’s more apparent since the update. It seems like it’s macOS-specific problem, I didn’t see that on Windows. How can I fix this?

To clear things up: I want to rotate a label around a circle (circular slider to be precise) :slight_smile:

EDIT: I was able to fix this issue. Turns out that you musn’t change component’s center if you’re rotating it. Seems pretty obvious, but it was counter-intuitive at first, since I had to create much bigger component (a rectangle as big as the area I am rotating this label around) than i thought.

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