I have a project that uses some files that are written in c ( .c with .h headers ).

Everything works find on osx, but to get it the same project to compile on Ubuntu I needed to move the 
-std=c++11 option from CPPFLAGS to CXXFLAGS so that is is not in the CFLAGS. 

Should the -std=c++11 option be active in the c preprocessor options ?


I also need to add -I path/to/c/files/  even though they have been added to the project via the introjucer. I can include the path in the Introjucer configuration so that's not a big problem. But I have the feeling that I am doing something wrong.

OSX with Xcode has no problems with any of the files.


edit: the error that I get when compiling is:

error: invalid argument '-std=c++11' not allowed with 'C/ObjC'


Hmm - looks like we added the  -std=c++11 to the wrong place, it should go in CXXFLAGS. I'll update that right away..