Working JUCE & Android Studio combination on Windows 7?


I’ve tried to build and run projucer-generated android apps with Android Studio on Windows 7. It seems I end up with all kinds of errors all the time. I’m using latest JUCE and latest Android Studio, SDK’s etc. Still no success. If someone of you have a successful time using juce, projucer and android studio on windows 7 (like just building the GUI Application template would be great to be able to do!) would you mind sharing your Juce, Android Studio and SDK tool versions? So that I could find a combination that’s compatible with each other.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I reinstalled everything and now it seems to work. A bit quirky sometimes, have to clean up project and retry every once in a while but… Works… pretty much. :+1:

On Mac OS everything seems to work a lot smoother.