Workshop in Berlin (17.09) - Programming Custom FX with JUCE


We are holding an independent workshop in Berlin about Audio Plugin development in JUCE. You are all welcome!

(please forward to anybody that might be interested)

(17.09.2011) Workshop: Programming Custom Audio Effects (VST/AU) with JUCE - An Introduction

In this workshop, we will help you code a fancy ‘Ping Pong Delay’ from a simple ‘Gain’ plugin template. Among other things, at the end of the session, you should be able to create compelling GUI’s (widgets and background images) and automatable plugins to process audio inputs in the temporal domain.

Are you already familiar with these concepts? We are also holding a (free donation) meet up afterwards where you are all invited to come around to share your stuff with the Beamer.

Time and date:
Saturday, 17.09.2011
Workshop: from 15h to 18h, Presentations: from 18h to 20h.

Places are limited to 15.

This sounds awesome!

Signed in!!!

Thank you!



just want to say “Thank you guys” for that nice and informative little workshop.
I haven’t done anything in DSP before so I could take some usefull information while
meeting some interesting people.

Hope you will do another workshop some when in the near future…


I would pay to see a recording of this…

Thanks to Marc & Peter for hosting the workshop and to anyone else for answering my questions.

Anyone else here from around Berlin who didn’t make it to the workshop, but would be interested in another meetup later this year?

Hey MarC, I tried to PM you, but it seems you blocked it…

I use linux here. I tried the email form on your website days ago, but it wasn’t working.
My point was to get the source for the plugin demo and make it work on linux.
In case you didn’t know, I have a juce-based project ->

Sometimes sourceforge is like this. They have a great service, but sometimes…

I also never got the Juce demo host to work. I just use my own host for these things.
Code ->

Juce Linux support is not the best. It works, but needs fixing here and there.
I hope to make some patches as time goes by.

Don't be so modest, are you not also the creator and maintainer of KXStudio!