Wrapping plugins and deprecated parameter methods

Hi Guys,

I have a AudioProcessor subclass that wraps another plugin, it needs to have access to the various parameter method overrides in order to communicate with some hardware. So for example when setParameter() is called the hardware is updated and then the wrapped plugins setParameter() is called.

These methods are now deprecated but for the life of me I cannot work out how to get this same functionality.

Has anyone got any pointers or any info if it is still ok to use these deprecated methods?

Many Thanks


I’ve been sitting on this for a long time. I’m not very hopeful for a solution at this point but you can check out my thread to find a bit more info on it.

How about you make your AudioProcessor an AudioProcessorParameter::Listener? If you add it as a listener to all your parameters, you will receive callbacks when a parameter value changes.

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the posts.

Sorry Graeme didn’t get a notification about your post!

Currently I need to know if the parameter is changed via the host or via the plugin gui.

Using a listener solely I don’t seem to be able to determine where the change originated from.

Currently I have overridden the various methods and used a listener on the embedded plugin, which also looks like it is deprecated looking at the comments. So this way I know where the change is coming from.

I guess I need to look at the rest of the code I am porting over to juce to see if I can get away with not knowing where the change originated.

Also to me the idea of having a listener on every parameter seems a little bonkers, do you guys know why have the designed it this way?