Write in a text file every 10 seconds


I’m a newbie with JUCE.
I create a plugin who analyse data and I want to write my result in a text file.
So I created a file and a fileoutputstream. My problem is the following:
I want to write in a file every 10 seconds. However I need to write in it without open the GUI of the plugin.
In my current version, I need to open the GUI then timerCallBack() is running and write in my file. So I already achieved to write in my file. My only problem is to write at the right moment (every 10 seconds for example).
My File is created in my AudioProcessor, my FileOutputStream in my AudioProcessorEditor, so I currently I use my timerCallBack from my AudioProcessorEditor
Have you any idea to write every 10seconds in a file without open my plugin GUI?
Thanks a lot,


I may be missing something, but can’t you simply make your AudioProcessor inherit Timer and implement the timerCallback there?


You describe the problem (and solution) in your question – it’s a matter of scope.



Thanks a lot for your quick answer!
I will try and do that!