Wrong window position constraints when scaled

To reproduce this in the HelloWorld example, add Desktop::getInstance().setGlobalScaleFactor (2.0); to e.g. the constructor of the MainComponent.
-> The DocumentWindow can only be moved such that its (x,y) stays in the upper left quarter of the screen.

If additionally setUsingNativeTitleBar (true); gets added to the constructor of HelloWorldWindow, the DocumentWindow can be moved to any position on the screen, but it will snap back to a position where (x,y) is within the upper left quarter of the screen as soon as the mouse releases the window.

I suspect this is caused by the ComponentBoundsConstrainer of the ResizableWindow and the fact that monitor sizes also get scaled by Desktop::setGlobalScaleFactor(). This happens at least on OS X.

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Thanks - I’ve pushed a fix to the develop branch now.

Thank you Jules! It now works as expected.