XCode scheme handling in PROJUCER - how to auto-launch a host app

I mistakenly added several Xcode schemes in order to auto-launch in debug mode several different plugin hosts while debugging my plugin- Ableton, AU Lab, Garageband etc .

But then - of course - found that as soon as I needed to make changes via PROJUCER ( adding a few source files ) that. all those schemes vanished.

To be expected but I then checked to see if there were any options in PROJUCER to allow me to set a specific app ( e.g. Ableton to be automatically launched inside XCode debugger when running my plugin code in debug mode inside Xcode.

Can this already be done or if not can it be added to PJ in the near future. I REALLY want to be able to have several debug schemes - one for each typical plugin host out there - but also want to “be good and play nice” with PROJUCER.

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