XmlDocument::skipNextWhiteSpace infinite loop



I think found a bug on last version of JUCE's XML parser (git revision 04650ce6ea7a786fbb96b2a4d758d18f0476ac16)

Built with Visual Studio 2010 x64, running on Windows 64 Pro SP1 US.


If I try to past the following XML data in the JuceDemo XML & JSON TextBox :

<test> <!--comment-->

XmlDocument::skipNextWhiteSpace() performs an infinite loop and never exit.

According to their validator, this XML snipet seem to be W3C compliant.


I didn't have enough time to investigate the origin of this behavior.

For now I move my comment elsewhere to avoid this problem.

I hope this can helps.


Thanks in advance for the fix.




Thanks! Should be ok now.

As always, many thanks for your reactivity.
Your last change solves this issue.