100% cpu usage in Ipad. It is burning it out!

My Plugin works fine in MAC and Windows but it causes almost 100% cpu usage in Ipad. I can even feel the heat is increasing. The sound starts glitching. It has some pictures and 15 knobs. It works perfectly in MAC and Windows with almost zero latency but it is burning my ipad.

Is there anyone else came cross some thing like this? I am planing to delete GUI components one by one to see if it will work. But even without moving anything when it is processing the sound , it starts heating.

You should run your app under the Xcode Instruments time profiler, this will tell you very exactly in which part of the code the CPU power gets burnt. Maybe this will help you to figure out what’s going on yourself, otherwise you might want to post the relevant piece of code here, otherwise it’s only guesswork.


“Xcode Instruments time profiler” by using this i noticed that it was because of one of the image drawing routine that i was using. I modified it and now it is min. 6% max 60%.

Thank you very much :pray:

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