(SOLVED) iOS GarageBand - Help with High CPU load. Everything is fine with Cubasis

Hello Everyone,

For almost a week trying to solve a problem with high CPU load in the iOS GarageBand.
While the plugin works fine in the Cubasis or any other host as well as on Mac OS with M1or Intel. But not on my iPad 12.9 inch (A12X Bionic)

It seems to me that the plugin runs on energy efficient processor cores and when I’m loading plugin on the verge of possibilities he is not up to the task. (4 oversampling x 16 voices x 4 osc x 16 unison + 2 filters + envelope, lfo with FM modulation and crossfades between wavetables)

CPU Load:
Cubasis - 55% cpu
Garageband - more than 300% cpu
Standalone app - 53-54%
Standalone app (Apple M1) - 34.2%-35.5% cpu
Standalone app (iPhone 10) - 67% cpu

I also tested other similar plugins with (16 voices x 4 osc x 16 unison x 4 oversampling) and they worked fine even with 70-80% cpu.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem? I also noticed that memory in GarageBand is about 100mb (without UI) and in cubasis 63.5 mb. Perhaps the system compresses unnecessary blocks not sure, but the main problem is CPU load. With such success, my app will simply be able to play only 4 voices with 1 unison and I’m not sure what to do.


Ohh, I did some experiments and replaced AudioBuffer<T> with my custom float “c array” and got it working well in GarageBand.

I do not know why this is so, perhaps GarageBand has something to do with memory allocation in the heap. The load even dropped by 5%