5.4.4 + Android Studio (Windows) does not work?

Today I tried to upgrade one of my applications from 5.4.3 to 5.4.4 on Android and failed (Android Studio 3.2, 3.4 and 3.5 on Windows 10). A jassert is hit in juce_String.cpp that String is created from char with codes above 127 etc. (probably when JNIBaseClass is called). An empty demo project generated by Projucer (GUI App) does not work too.

5.4.3 version works as expected.

Edit: so it seems that the problem is on Windows only. Everything works ok on Linux and MacOS (AS 3.5 + JUCE 5.4.4).

Ok, I managed to run it on Windows. The problem appears when Push notifications are on in a project. When they are off programs can be run. I have not tested what happens when Push notifications are configured to work, just had them enabled by default in projects created by Projucer. Anyway, on other systems it works as before.

set Push Notifications Capability to Disabled in Projucer for Android Exporters, OK!
but DeomRunner can set Push Notifications Capability Enabled.

The problem comes from saving a project in Projucer on Windows, because it writes some garbage string in Builds/Android/app/CMakeLists.txt. The DemoRunner example from JUCE was saved on macOS or Linux, so there is no garbage in its Builds/Android/app/CMakeLists.txt file. If you open the DemoRunner example in Projucer on Windows and re-save it, you should have the same problem.

See this other thread for some details about why a garbage string is written on Windows: String assertion in android build.