Standard Library files not found in Android Studio at compiling current AudioLatencyDemo

Dear developers

I just got started with Juce development for Android and wanted to build the example app “AudioLatencyDemo” for an Android 9 phone. For this i downloaded the 5.4.4 library. After compiling with the Jucer I get in AndroidStudio the error that none of the referred standard library classes can be resolved with the library itself (see attached the library class AudioChannelSet, which cannot find any data type or other library classes). Building the same C++ example code for Visual Studio on the other side leads to a running programm. Do you have any idea what might have been wrong at the build process? Interesting is that when the JuceHeader.h file is additionaly included in a library class e.g. the AudioChannelSet class for test reasons, all definitions and types are succesfully loaded. The newest Android Studio 3.5 and Gradle plugin version 3.5.0, and Gradle version 5.6.1 has been used.


I debugged the issue deeper. The problem occurs with Windows Android Studio 3.5 on all Android phones I have tested and on all examples given in the Projucer. The app crashes few milliseconds after it pops up. The program fails first in “juce_android_JNIHelpers.cpp” at line 108 “String path (cls->getClassPath());”. So it seems the String class of Juce is not working properly and an assertion “jassert (t == nullptr || CharPointer_ASCII::isValidString (t, std::numeric_limits::max()));” is thrown in line 327 of juce_String.cpp. @timur Is there any hint from your side what might go wrong?

I switched now to developing with Linux. Here the Projucer worked for Android ! It seems that in the current release 5.4.4 there is somewhere a bug for developing Android apps in Windows. @timur If you need more help in Debugging contact me, I can help you out.