Demo error with Android Studio

Hi, I am new to use Android Studio, and recently I am starting to work on an audio app using juce.

I downloaded the latest Juce and AndroidStudio, then I followed the Juce official introduction pretty well step by step.

Without any changing of the code, I found these errors:
In main.cpp:

Then in
private native void handleReceive (long host, byte msg, int offset, int count, long timestamp);
handleReceive Cannot resolve responding …
Same errors with handleMouseDown, handleMouseDrag, handleMouseUp, focusChanged, viewSizeChanged,dispatchDrawNative, surfaceCreatedNative, surfaceDestroyedNative, surfaceChangedNative.

Actually I tried to compile it to my phone, and it worked. But I really want to know whether I am the only one have these errors, may this affects later?

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The error in the picture writes: Types ‘ScopedPointer’ and ‘MainWindow *’ are not compatible.

Sorry, but the “IntelliSense” of Android Studio is not compatible with JUCE. In fact the only correct error hiliting is in Xcode (VS2015 also can’t parse JUCE correctly).

This is due to the way the .cpp files are included in JUCE: every module usually only has a single .cpp file which is added to the build. This .cpp file then includes all other .cpp files via #include. However, the #include is done in the juce namespace. This totally confuses automatic error hiliting in most IDEs.

Thank you for your fast response. So It would be fine if I simply ignore it right?