64 bit coding and some questions

Hey guys, I have been away for a while, but I’m back now. :oops:

I’m wondering about one thing. My current VST is a simple VST Host. It loads up a pre-determinated VST and let you chain multiple instances of it. In this case, its a “child” version of our Wusik Station plugin.

Now, if I do a 64 bit version, what happens it terms of VST loading? Will it only load 64 bit VSTs too? Or does the Juce framework also act as a 32 to 64 bit bridge? What happens?

Another thing, to be honest, I have no clue on where to start on making my current Juce project a 64 bit VST DLL file, any pointers? Sorry if its a dumb question, of course I will google about this and check my current MSVC++ 2008 compiler on how to handle that. But in the meanwhile, it someone could point me to the right direction… 8)

Best Regards, WilliamK

Ok, it seems that the first step is to install a 64 bit OS. In this case I’m going for Windows 7 x64 so I can also test Windows 7 support. :mrgreen:

From the search I did I found a trial ISO DVD from Microsoft which let me runs it for 60 days before I can pay for the license.


I also checked Microsoft Visual C++ Express 2008 and it supports 64 bit targets, and its easy to setup, just a few clicks away, just need to install Windows 7 x64 and them MSVC++ 2008 x64. The great thing is that it will also compile 32 bit targets. 8)

Now, the only thing I wonder is, how will the Juce VST DLL Host code handle the 64 bit port? Also, will it only load 64 bits based DLL files or will it also load 32 bits DLL files? (VSTs)

you don’t need 64bit OS you just need VS that supports cross compiling 64bit binaries.

As for loading 32bit plugins on 64bit apps, windows takes care of that it doesn’t matter what application is doing that, it’s all system calls that are emulated.

As for not needing the 64 bit OS to compile, I’m not sure, as right now my MSVC++ doesn’t show the 64 bit option. I will check at Microsoft site and see if there’s an update I need to apply.

And as for the OS loading 32 bit DLL VSTs on a 64 Bit host, several users had problems with the bridge programs. :frowning:

you need to install the 64bit support during the MSVS installation, the EXPRESS version does not have that at all.

Ah, only the PAID version has that? :oops:

Hummm, actually, I found some other pages at Microsoft which tells me the Express version CAN build 64 bit targets, I just need to install the latest Microsoft SDK which adds this support. Haven’t figured out how to do this on the old XP, so I guess I will need to install Windows 7 anyway. :frowning:

i saw the x64 support only in VS2008 installer as for the express i use the 2008 (it has no such option) version don’t know about the 2010 (didn’t like it, i’ll start using it when i’ll have to)

You can hack vs2008 express to make it support 64 bit compilation (even on a 32bit system, via cross compilation) but AFAIK, this isn’t officially supported.

More info here : http://jenshuebel.wordpress.com/2009/02/12/visual-c-2008-express-edition-and-64-bit-targets/