64 bit compatibility


i am evaluating juce for plugin development and my first intend was to build the demo in 64 bit AU or VST.
But i get a lot of compile errors.
This feels strange to me, am i the first one that wants to compile 64 bit ?
The 32 bit version compiled and worked. (although the gui was blank in reaper64 plugin bridge)
I turned the juce_carbon_ui macro off, but there were still a lot of errors and it felt wrong to me to modify the juce code too much.

This is the second time i put my hands on juce and again i quickly ran into trouble.
It’s a pity because looking at the Juce demo and quickly checking the structure and quality of code seemed very promising.
I also wonder whether there are attempts to support VST3 ?

my config:
juce: 1.5.1 fresh from git
osx : 10.6
xcode 3.2.2


Please don’t be disappointed, that would never do! I can build the demo project in full 32/64 bit mode with no problem - what errors are you getting?