64bit - MS Visual Studio C++ 2008 Express + new Platfrom SDK


Hi Everybody,

i post it here, because were all going sooner or later 64bit.

This page suggests that it is possible to create 64bit applications with MS Visual Studio C++ 2008 Express Edition.


64-bit tools are not available on Visual C++ Express Edition by default. To enable 64-bit tools on Visual C++ Express Edition, install the .NET Framework SDK in addition to Visual C++ Express Edition. Otherwise, an error occurs when you attempt to configure a project to target a 64-bit platform using Visual C++ Express Edition.[/quote]

So what i have done:

I use Windows Vista 64
Installed Visual C++ Express from here

Installed the latest, newest Windows SDK Windows 7


After all it seems that all x64 required tools are available here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\bin

My problem:
The Solution Platforms Templates, mentioned in the first link, for 64bit are not available.

Any help appreciated…


i had the same problem with VS2008 i had to mark 64bit tools and templates in the installer then i got the templates and stuff in VS.


Hi atom,

i selected anything in the framework installer ( there is no special “64bit tools” entry in this new framework ), but there is a “Visual C++ Compilers” entry which is described as :

“Install the Visual C++ 9.0 Compilers. These compilers allow you to target X86, X64, IA64 processor architectures.”

Which framework and visual studio version did you install exactly?


i have VisualStudio 2008 version 9.0.21022
.net is 3.5
and when i go to the configuration manager i can choose as Platform x64 and this creates 64bit binaries for me.


thanks, but your are not using the “express edition”, right?


nope, bue i thought this is kinda similar, but no i use the commercial version not the express.


ok thanks,

would be interesting to know if anybody ever installed the Express Edition with 64bit support.


If people are still interested : http://jenshuebel.wordpress.com/2009/02/12/visual-c-2008-express-edition-and-64-bit-targets/
It’s a pain in the a** but it’s possible : I did it.