Visual C++ Express 2008

I may have not been paying attention, but I haven’t seen any recent reports here about the recent official release of Visual C++ Express 2008, so I thought I’d just make a quick post about it.

I’ve yet to do much with it, so I’m not sure whether or not it provides much of an improvement to 2005 [though I’ve heard that the intellisense is better - the main issue for me]. As of yet, I couldn’t tell you that “you should upgrade” because it might not be tremendously worthwhile.

However, it does work nicely with Juce. There’s a compiler warning (about /Wp64 being deprecated), but other than that I’ve not had any problems - it builds Juce and the Juce Demo fine.

Most beautifully though, it’s a nice contained package. You do not need to download the Platform SDK. The required stuff is included with it, and you no longer have to follow that silly guide to get it working. This will be great for newcomers…

  • Install VC++Express2008
  • Configure directories for juce/Quicktime/Asio/etc…
  • er… that’s it. It should just work.

If you’re a hater of web-installers (like me), you might be disappointed to see that - unlike the previous version - it doesn’t look like there are individual ISOs for each Visual Studio Express app. However, there is an ‘All in one’ DVD ISO, and surprisingly it’s only 850Mb.

So, there you go. I’ve updated, you may not want to, but I’d recommend at least downloading it for when you might reinstall - it’ll save you the hassle of doing all the boring preparations that used to be required.

Good stuff. I’ve not tried it yet, but will do soon.

the next good news with VS2008 (but not for this release) is the support of tr1 extensions to the standard library like tuples, regular expressions, hashed containers, fixed size array…!2D4327CC297151BB!364.entry!2D4327CC297151BB!343.entry

when I build JUCE with VC++ Express 2008 it produces 210~ mb of release static link library (jucelib_static_Win32.lib). is it normal?

debug configuration compiles into 20~ mb

I can easily believe that it’d bloat the lib up to 210MB. I’m sure the final exe will be normal sized, though.

And I might add that the 2008 edition supports Vista style icon files for the application icon - straight out of the box :slight_smile: