A bit lost - Midi file and external vst - where do I go from here?

I’m a newbie in progamming with JUCE and i’m a bit lost. I am learning this software to get an executable that can:
-Read a midi file
-Feed it to an external vst (e.g. kontakt)
-save its output on a wav file

I have gone through the tutorials and learned how to use JUCE for a “general purpose”, but i’m really missing any advice/discussion/documentation on where to start for being able to import/open an external VST, and how to, after opening a MIDI file, feed its data to it

Does anyone have a suggestion on where to start? Thanks in advance!

There is an example app for hosting plugins in JUCE/extras/AudioPluginHost

There are JUCE classes for reading midi files.

There are JUCE classes for writing audio files.

You will have all the pieces. Assuming you already know C++, between these resources, examples, and searching the forums, you should have a great start. :nerd_face:

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