Using VSTi and plugins


I have two questions about JUCE. I have a C++ program which sends midi instructions. I want to use JUCE to have some sound using my VSTi and some effects using my plugins without using a tier DAW.

1) Can JUCE play real time MIDI instructions with specific VSTi and VST plugins (for effects)?

2) Can JUCE "render" the midi instructions to an Audio File? (such as WAV)

Thank you very much,

Well, yes, it'd be good for all of those uses. You'd need to write some wrapper code but it has all the utilities to host a VST, send midi to it, and write data to audio files.

Thank you Jules.

Could you please elaborate a little bit more?

What does Juce already do for that task? 

What part doesn't Juce do? (the wrapper code for what exactly ...)

Well, we support everything you need to host VSTs and communicate with them. 

But when you say "render MIDI to a WAV file", you're actually talking about a full GM midi synthesiser, and we don't have one of those. But of course you could host some other 3rd party plugin synth, and use that to do the rendering.