A MIDI drum loop manager for Tracktion and other sequencers

It’s the thing I am working on… It will help people who writes their own drum patterns to manage them, and I will put with it a big library of MIDI files in every kind of music…

You will be able to do a search of the midi files by style, signature, tempo etc. And every midi file will be sorted into a “block”, composed of 5+ midi files. Blocks will be used to play these midi files into patterns defined by the user or randomly. Each bloc will contain 4 kinds of midi files : intro, outro, riffs and breaks.

For example, the random manager of patterns will play a riff from a block for 4 measures, and choose randomly one break of the block, then choose randomly another riff etc. After 8 times this thing, the manager will go into another randomly block from the same style (metal, rock, funk etc.)

I want to show you a screenshot, but I have not implemented the choice of the language, for now everything is in French :lol:

OK now, i will show you a screenshot, it’s still in French but I will work on the language’s choice feature later :

I love the tranparency functions of Juce 8)

If someone is interested by my code for the GUI, tell me (and you can’t see it but the background is animated and goes from the image you see to a full “golden” coloured image)

Another screenshot :

Now, there is a link for the version 0.1, if someone wants to check it and tell me what he think about the GUI, before I put everything in english :lol:

Groove Generator




Yeah, it crashes for me at startup as well :(.

(I don’t know if that’s any help to you - I never find those messages useful myself)

It’s a shame, because I was looking forward to seeing that animated gui…

  • Niall.


I have launched it on WinXP and that crashes, I think I will have to install DevC++ on a WinXP machine, that works fine with my Win98 SE :cry:

But if you launch it with the folders Midi and Patterns deleted, and compatibilty mode into Win98, he won’t crash…

I will check this BIG problem as soon as possible :cry:

Have you ever got some compatibilty problems like this ?

Sorry, this kind of thing has never happened to me, so I don’t know that I can help with the crashes.

I got it working just by switching the executable to win98 compatibility mode (didn’t have to delete the Midi and Patterns folders), although it still crashes on exit.

I have to say, I love the slowly animating background - that’s a fantastic idea :smiley: (wish I’d thought of it…). Just one suggestion - it looks to me like you’re just doing a straight linear interpolation (triangle wave-type thing). In my opinion, it would look nicer if you used a sine-shaped curve - at the moment it seems to ‘bounce’ back at the limits of the colours, but a sine wave shape would look smoother, and more soothing, imo :wink:.

Also, I’m not sure it’s such a good idea to fade the titlebar text in and out - it currently tends to disappear completely for me periodically, which is a bit disconcerting.

I can’t really talk about the functionality, as I don’t speak french :wink:, but this looks like being a very nice piece of software if you can get the crashing problems fixed…

  • Niall.

Thanks NialM for the help and the comments :wink:

I have been looking for the problem for a moment, apparently it’s a problem with the File class, about the bug at startup, I will check it when I will have some time… For the bug while quitting, I have resolved it but I have not understood what happened and why :shock: I have just done a copy and paste of the hello world project and copied my code into it and now that works…

You know, I have just tried some things when I did this, I’m playing with a temporary image which contained the texture with a variable alpha parameter, then I’m drawing this image on the DialogWindow with another alpha parameter… I’m using too a variable gradient brush with a transparent colour and on the patterns things I’m changing the Hue of the selection colour… I have done all these things to test Juce functions, but I have not finished with this, I’m working too on images with alpha masks to add some animations… But I will try the sine-shaped curve :wink:

For the title which is diseappearing, it’s not my fault, when everything is transparent and the alpha of the window at 1.f, drawing images is deleting the title and the lines of the window…

:lol: I’m have put a checkbox to choose the language yet, so I will add the english translation of the soft soon :wink:

Yes ! I have found the two bugs ! I am posting them on the “Windows” category…


Some help is asked :wink:

It’s ok, now that works ! I have updated the link :wink:

If u want to test it, you can click on one mid and push the button “Jouer” (that means Play), and then click on Patterns, on one button, and on “Jouer” again. Else you can try the “Skin” tab and play with the functions :wink:

Good news, it’s in English now :wink:

I have not translated everything but I have done the most important. At startup, go to “Paramètres” tab, choose the English language, quit and restart, it’s magic, it’s in English :wink:

Nobody to test ?

Sorry, I meant to have a look at it again, but my new macmini arrived on Monday, and I’ve spent all my spare time since then playing with it :wink:.

I’m afraid it’s still crashing for me in a couple of places - when I click the Patterns button on the main page, and when I try and close the program. Also, and this may be purely because of my setup, I don’t actually hear anything when I try and play a midi file on the main page. I don’t actually have a midi out on my laptop, but ‘Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth’ appears in the MIDI Output list, so I’d have thought I should be able to use that for midi playback?

  • Niall.

I’m working on every crash since this morning, I have not finished yet :lol:

But it’s strange that you can’t hear anything… Are you able to play and hear other midi files with Winamp for example ?

Oh, actually, I just worked it out… I’d muted the software synth in Windows’ mixer ages ago, because I never use it :oops:. It’s playing back fine now.

  • Niall.

It’s cooler :wink: