A setsize to window problem

the screen may be 1024768 or 1024568
I want to make a fullscreen app
and could I set all size to (800600) ,and will the component window auto fit to the 1024768 size?
or I need to setsize to(1024*768) inside every component window.

do you have a better advised?

I think if you check out:


You can get the screen size in terms of a Juce Rect which may be a bit more useful.

Grab what the current screen size is in your constructor and set the size to that.

thanks your reply.
I mean i will design everything(component) in 800*600,and lets it auto scale to fullscreen in real Display.
I search some topics about globalFactorScale. dont’ know is it fit for me?

Ahh I gotcha,

Yeah you should be okay although I’m not 100% certain how the retina support works, but you should be fine to code it at whatever resolution and use the affine transforms on the top level parents to rescale to GUI without having to code everything responsively, I believe there’s an example in the audio plugin folder for scalable plugin GUIs.

You may wanna test if coding the the original interface with any images @2x improves your rescaling, anything paint() / vector / path based should be all good.

Careful to only use large images where you need them for image quality as doing transforms with lots and lots of large images can become a bottle neck

but as you know ,the globalfactor has just one parameter.and scale 1024768 with 800600 is not total same scale .
I just want to run in win7 pad. with screen of 11 inch
not considering retina;

Hmm, perhaps I’m not the best to answer this. I’ve never actually used the global scale factors. I generally just check the size and set an affineTransform on the top level component.

ok,thanks all the same…