A tool to watch the colours of Juce


This program allows you to see each colour of the Colour class, and to copy its statement into the clipboard. May be useful for GUI programming…

It’s here : WatchColours.zip

I have tested the upload function of the subliminal website too :wink:


this is very useful, thanks!

it will be ten times more useful if the combo box had a keyborad up/down arrow control so you can move previewing the colours and not clicking one by one. If the combo box does not support keyboard then a listbox will work great here (even better)…


and also an option to open the colour chooser dialog and copy to clipboard the selected colour in rgb form…


For the arrows, that works yet, you need to click once on the ComboBox and after you can use the arrows… And for the copy function, you can do this yet too but you get the reference to the static class Colours, which is a Colour object, instead of a RGB form. Do you need more than that ?


On my machine (XP Pro) the arrows do not work for some reason. The other thing I miss is an option to open the colour chooser dialog to select from all possible RGP colours and not only the pre-defined ones…


OK, if I have some time, I will check the problem of the arrows and add a ColourSelector feature, with a button to copy the rgb value of the colour :wink:

Else, with my Win98SE, I have to select an entry into the ComboBox with the mouse and click on it, and then I can use the arrow keys :?


maybe also add a button to launch one of those web sites…


thanks :wink:


this website is interesting :wink:


I have not found a way to detect when the arrows keys are pressed :roll: I think I will put some buttons near the combobox…


I suggest chaning it to SimpleListBox, there is no reason to use a Combo box when you only browse colours, it will help to see several at once…this will also solve the keyboard issues