File Chooser,

Shoot me if you wish… but I would love to see a juce customized File Chooser, File Saver, Directory Selector, etc. similar to your Color Selector. To me, it looks strange switching from your marvelous looking GUI platform to the standard and bland Win32 API stock file and directory selectors. Juce has such an incredibly unique look that it’s a shock to invoke a menu choice and be confronted with a dialog so totally different that one might wonder if they’re still in the same application.


Same here, but that’s cos I want a linux file requestor. :wink:

You may be interested in NiallM’s Phil file requester though. DO a search for it in this forum.

Yeah, I’m afraid it doesn’t work with the current version of JUCE, but I had to get it working for Twindy, so I should have an update for it in a couple of days.

  • Niall.

it works nicely. the only change you have to make is
in philchooser constructor… maybe make it a subclass of documentwindow…
when calling the parent constructor

DocumentWindow(dialogBoxTitle, Colours::white, DocumentWindow::closeButton,true),
instead of

and leavin out the deleteAllChildren in destructor

i’m using it widely in ejuce and no problems arises :wink:

Is that all you had to do? I found Jules’ changes to the Graphics stuff a couple of versions back broke how the file icons were drawn, so I had to re-do that too (I also got rid of that horrible gradient title bar - I don’t mind it with the shiny LookAndFeel, but it looks terribly out of place with the original one, imo). Anyway, like I said, I’ve fixed what’s broken (you can look in the src/ExtraComponents/PhilComponent folder in Twindy to see what I changed), I just want to add a command-line option to the browser app to make it fit better with Twindy’s new workspace capability before I release it.

  • Niall.

mmh, i don’t know which look and feel by default is used, but if i recall the philchooser from a generic window i don’t see any graphic glitches in theicons. and the gradient titlebar with original x buttons is cute here… and i’ve added some little fixes to make the component to be fixed in the screen ( something like the AlertWindows messageboxes)…
i’m checking twindy now and see what u changed

ok it seems that u changed little stuff on the graphics part of the fileview, but in my case with the original twindy i don’t get any errors on graphics drawing. anyway i see that u hardcoded some “.tracktionscheme” string check inside philchooser, not … and beware that the buttons are too bright if you use a bright background color of the chooser… i have white background and i see the brightpink color like white :wink:

:oops: Oops! I shouldn’t have done that… I think what I meant to do was make sure the file extension was appended to the return file if the user didn’t type it in - I didn’t mean to hard code the extension…

That’s interesting - I wonder if that means that the buttons are transparent somehow - I changed the colours because I noticed they were far too dark(or was it that they were too light?) with one of the recent versions of JUCE, which would make sense if their background’s transparent.

  • Niall.