FileBrowserComponent or FileChooser for preset loading/saving

I like the idea of using a native dialog for preset loading/saving (FileChooser), but a couple of older threads makes me suspect it might be potentially buggy in certain hosts?

I was playing with the demo of Togu Audio Line’s TAL-Mod today, and notice that Patrick is now using FileBrowserComponent for preset loading/saving, whereas his earlier products used native dialogs.

I am wondering if there is a current “best practice” regarding using native dialogs? Are there any pitfalls to using FileChooser?

Currently, I’m experiencing issues with FileChooser on windows. Currently, when using the native dialog window for the FileChooser on Windows7, the dialog box will not appear unless I press ‘ALT’ or minimize and re-open the DAW i’m working with.

Very odd. If anyone has encounted this, please let me know.

EDIT: this is with JUCE 5.1.2 – this may have been updated already afaik

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Sounds like the dialog is opening behind your DAW? I experienced something similar when experimenting with FileChooserDialogBox (Juce-based dialog box) in Reaper on OS X. The dialog opens behind the DAW window that contains my plugin, which basically makes it invisible to the user.

It seems like FileChooserDialogBox and FileChooser are both too temperamental to rely on, so I’m going to go with FileBrowserComponent instead.

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Yeah, I spent a good chunk of time fiddling with FileChooser on Win7 yesterday with no luck. It does appear that FileChooser is unreliable in an Audio Plug-in on Windows 7, and I will be going the FileBrowserComponent route as well.

JUCE team, if you have any input on this or could simply look into it, that’d be pretty helpful.

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