Got a problem.
Me channel/note/ocatave fingy stopped updating!
Went in search. I’ve got a pointer (to a StringArray) that’s going duff! Same pointer is used fine during initialization and by the component itself internally via mouseUp. But when the outside calls the method that changes the component the pointers dead!!!

Fucking clueless.


I only wish I knew what you were talking about… :shock:


sounds like either corrupted memory or thread collision.



It was an oversight caused by too much hashish, combined with my C++ inexperience.:oops: You see I’m used to Java and being able to do wild refactorings and catch most errors at compile time.

The problem component used to be three similar components until I grouped them in a component to allow resizing.
My update mechanism was still calling the three original components! Which are duff pointers! Why didn’t the compiler say "Oy! Mate! These three don’t exist! Not even as uninitialised variables! Wot you on abaht?"
And how come when debugging I could still get into the method which didn’t work?


Beta 0.1 (both platforms) later today! 8)

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