Components not drawing then assertion failure

I have’nt looked into this in great detail yet but I thought I’d ask first…

I’ve arsed up somewhere.

Anyone know why some components could suddenly stop drawing? Things (buttons etc) stop appearing then I shut the app down and I get an assertion failure in some glyph drawing code or something (not at work so can’t be more specific)

Have I got some horrendous memory management or something do you think?

sounds like you’re corrupting memory - probably a dangling pointer somewhere…


yeah forgot to mention there was output concerning heap corruption.

now I’ve got to find the bastard(s). I’ve checked for anything obvious so it’s a subtle fucker (or so blatantly obvious I can’t see it)

any tips on how to hunt for the root of the problem?

there’s a lesson to be learned here once I find it!

debugger? one thing that’s gotten me before is owned arrays… make sure they aren’t storing pointers to objects that don’t exist.

Not using any owned arrays. Decided to work on all those multiple definitions I was getting. Discovered I was linking to my own lib which was using a different runtime! :oops:

Down to just one error now.

Have not seen the [insert this thread title] recently. Have not let it run for a while tho.

PS me boss has crumbled and I don’t have to use MFC anymore! JOY!