AAX bufferSize

I’m seeing my AAX plugin get a bufferSize of 0 when called by prepareToPlay.

It seems the wrapper is using GetSignalLatency to grab the bufferSize. It doesn’t sound like this is the right call to make, however, I have no suggestions of what it should be! I’ll dig around the SDK and see if there is a way to get ProTools playback buffer size ahead of time.

Do you really need to know that in the first place? (In our plug-ins we always assume the incoming data could have any size, even differing from call to call, anything from 1 to “lots”.)

In juce_AAX_Wrapper.cpp, there is AddAudioBufferLength, but this is to make this value accessible from the process function, not before…

Other “AudioBufferLength”-related properties in the AAX SDK, maybe?