AAX CompareChunk(), and customizing the AAX wrapper

I do not see (in JUCE 5.3.2, anyway) a CompareChunk() function, which Pro Tools calls in order to compare the current plug-in state information with the currently selected preset. Is that not implemented?

On a related note, is there any way to customize the behavior of an AAX plug-in? In addition to needing to add CompareChunk() to our AAX plug-ins, there is a need to customize the SetChunk() behavior when we are reading in chunk data from older (pre-JUCE) plug-ins, because our previous plug-ins had some custom data not covered by simply reading in the parameter values and applying them (the default behavior currently applied in this case).

We have made it a practice to not modify any SDK, including JUCE, so that future updates to the SDKs do not lose changes we’ve made (or make those changes incompatible). But I don’t see how we can follow that rule while also customizing the AAX behavior for these two situations.

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