How to get DAW "compare" function to work when not AAX?

I updated the AAX wrapper to allow the CompareActiveChunk() function to operate for Pro Tools, but other hosts also have similar functionality, although they don’t have a specific VST/AU function that allows for that comparison. So, they must be doing it internally. But none of our new JUCE-based plugins seem to work with those DAW Compare functions. Our non-JUCE (VST3/VSTGUI) plugins do work for those. Does anyone know what it is in a plugin that allows that functionality to work in non-AAX DAWs?

They should normally “just work”, we haven’t run into any issues with them

When a user changes parameters via your GUI controls, are the parameters using setValueNotifyingHost()? Missing that’s the only thing I can think of off the top of my head that would cause this kind of issue…

We haven’t had to use this either though… it sounds like your setup may be different. How are your parameters being created/managed in your plugins?