RTAS plugins and compare functionality not working

One of my customers recently complained that there is a feature in ProTools that is not working with the RTAS version of my plugin.

Expected behavior:

  • select a preset in the RTAS plugin
  • now move one of the parameters to effectively change the settings last loaded from the preset
  • the "compare" button in the host header on top of the plugin window turns blue
  • you can now disable the compare button again to switch back to the last selected preset
  • enabling it again gives you back your modified settings, etc...

I only found this very old post in the forums related to this:

Has this been fixed and if so: what do I need to do/overrride to make it work with Juce?


I've been experiencing a similar problem on my end ('Compare' works with AU/VST, but not AAX).  Additionally, I've been experiencing a problem with the factory presets not loading in AAX only.  I wonder if these are related issues since they both deal with saving/restoring states from a memory block?  It could possibly be related to how PT expects to see plugins formatted - I have found an indication that this may be the case (see: http://www.juce.com/forum/topic/creating-tfx-preset-files-rtas/aax-juce ).  Ideally, this would be handled by the wrapper, but if it is not, and then you may need to handle it on your own inside the JUCE get/set stateInfo classes.  I will be looking into this soon myself, so maybe we can post any found solutions here.


Cuz @ Oygo Sound