setCurrentProgram() and presets in RTAS?


I’ve implemented getCurrentProgram(), setCurrentProgram(), and the like in my current plugin. However, when I run the plugin in Pro Tools, my presets don’t show up. A quick search for setCurrentProgram() shows that it is implemented in juce_VST_Wrapper.cpp and, but not in any of the Pro Tools wrapper files.

So…how do people deal with presets in Pro Tools?



How many presets do you have?
I had the strange behavior in Cubase that it wouldn’t show the preset if there’s only one. With two or more presets it worked as expected.


RIght now, I have 8 presets. I probably should add more. The presets show up in Live and Logic, for both the VST and AU, but not for RTAS. I think that I found the same behavior in Live with a single preset - it didn’t show up.

I was poking around the plugins that ship with Pro Tools, and it looks like the factory plugins ship with external preset files (.tfx) in the Plug-in Settings folder. So it is entirely possible that the RTAS format doesn’t have built-in support for internal factory presets.


I’m pretty sure you’re right: the only way I ever managed to get presets to work in Pro Tools was by installing a load of settings files at the same time as I install the plug-in.