Can't load old presets after updating from 2.0.40 to 3.0.6


we updated our JUCE version to have VST3 support. After updating our JUCE code both AAX and RTAS plugins can't load their presets anymore. Pro Tools isn't showing them in the first place and when we try to import the preset PT will show us an error message like "This file is no valid Settingsfile for this plug-in." (maybe not exactly this error message, had to translate it from german)


What did change in the code that it won't load the presets anymore?  What do we have to do to make it working again?


Thanks in advance.

Nothing springs to mind.. I thought PT would use the version numbers and product IDs to work out compatibility, so maybe you've changed them somehow (?)

We had a similar issue (not sure whether it was related to a JUCE update). We have a modified RTAS wrapper with an extended createRTASName() where also a short name can be supplied. The problem in our case was solved by using only the first line in the DefinePlugInNamesAndVersion() call.

Did you maybe change the plugin’s name or description?

Hi, I've had a similar issue, whereby presets do not appear in PT11 for the AAX build.  All the other JUCE builds (VST3, AU, VST2) each show factory presets, but not in AAX - the list appears empty!  I'm not sure how to address this - did you have any luck with your issue? Thanks.

Someone had the awesome idea to change some IDs when migrating from JUCE 2 to 3...